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Avantor is a leading global provider of integrated, tailored solutions for the life sciences and advanced technology industries. Strengthened by the recent acquisition of VWR, the Company is a trusted partner to customers and suppliers from discovery to delivery. With operations in more than 30 countries and a diverse portfolio that includes more than four million products, Avantor enables customer success through innovation, cGMP manufacturing and comprehensive service offerings. Collectively, we set science in motion to create a better world.

Avantor offers global capabilities, including cGMP manufacturing in the U.S., Europe and India.

Every element in Avantor’s global quality systems is designed to meet or exceed the most stringent regulatory and industry best practice standards, and our secure supply chain is scalable globally from the lab to full production.

  • Avantor Amino Acids
    The J.T.Baker® Global Pharma™ line of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical amino acids is cGMP-manufactured to meet the toughest regulatory requirements and tested for each specification of the appropriate compendia. These products are particularly valuable in fermentation and cell

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    Avantor Amino Acids

  • Avantor Vitamins & Minerals
    Optimize biopharmaceutical fermentation and cell culture productivity and improve the efficiency of your pharmaceutical production and biopharmaceutical processes with J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand vitamins and pharmaceutical process minerals that are USP, FCC, NF or ACS

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    Avantor Vitamins & Minerals

  • Biological Buffers
    J.T.Baker brand biological buffers from Avantor are specifically engineered for biotechnology, cell biology and molecular biology applications, including biopharmaceutical production. All our cGMP-manufactured biological buffers meet USP requirements and EP specifications, as well as our own

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    Biological Buffers

  • Chemical Sugar
    Be certain of laboratory buffering results and reliable biopharmaceutical upstream processing performance with J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand sugars. Biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing laboratories the world over depend on pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sugars

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    Chemical Sugar

  • Excipients
    Increase revenues, shorten time to market through rapid formulation development and improve application flexibility with J.T.Baker® PanExcea™ multifunctional performance excipients. Featuring novel particle engineering technology, PanExcea excipients serve as fillers, binders,

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  • Denaturants

    Improve consistency of product performance in biopharmaceutical applications with cGMP-manufactured J.T.Baker and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand denaturants.

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  • Surfactants and Detergents
    J.T.Baker pharmaceutical surfactants (Polysorbate 20 NF and Polysorbate 80 NF) contain the lowest peroxides levels in the chemical industry and meet NF requirements as well as Ph. Eur (EP) and JP chemical specifications. They’re also tested to ensure minimum endotoxins and pyrogens to help

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    Surfactants and Detergents

Other Products

  • Amino Acids
    Synthesize proteins with Maas Pharma Chemical’s high quality Amino Acids for Research, Product Development and Commercial production.  We offer USP/NF/FCC chemicals and custom solutions. Our Global source of Amino acids ensures purity and quality, so that you can Trust Your Ingredients!If you do

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    Amino Acids

  • Amino Acid Derivatives
    Maas Pharma Chemical’s comprehensive offering of more than 350+ Amino acids and derivatives are useful in a variety of peptide and protein syntheses. We offer Amino Acids with protecting groups such as Fmoc, Boc and Cbz along with L-, D- and DL-amino acids. We also offer Amino acid derivatives

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    Amino Acid Derivatives

  • Laboratory Chemicals
    Maas Pharma Chemicals offers Laboratory Reagents and Fine Chemicals for industrial use. Our Product range includes Analytical Reagents like HPLC Buffer Salts, GC Solvents, AAS Standard Solutions, Biological Dyes and Stains for Microscopy, High Purity Acids, Karl Fischer Reagent and many more. We

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    Laboratory Chemicals

  • Life Science Chemicals
    Maas Pharma Chemicals  offers the agility and ingenuity our customers need to achieve new biotechnology breakthroughs. We collaborate closely with you to develop custom solutions to your unique challenges, helping you accelerate innovation and meet stringent performance and regulatory

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    Life Science Chemicals

  • Pharma Impurities
    Our expanding product line includes unique and highly specialized chemicals for drug development, medical and biochemical research   Maas Pharma Chemicals is an authorised Distributor for promoting Toronto Research Chemicals, Canada and many other manufacturers for Providing lab scale

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    Pharma Impurities

  • Pharmaceutical Excipients
    Our stern examination in the raw materials and other inputs help us presenting quality assortment of products. With complete inspection on all materials, we ensure premium quality of products. As, we have an extensive distribution system; we can gratify patrons by fulfilling massive requirements

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    Pharmaceutical Excipients