API - Veterinary

API - Veterinary

Maas Pharma Chemicals is committed for well being of Animals. We have gone extra miles to sourced and developed right quality Chinese and Indian manufacturers of Veterinary Active Pharmaceutical ingredients to ensure purity and quality, so that you can Trust Your Ingredients!

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Product Range

Therapeutic Class Product Name
Anthelmentic Levamisole HCL IP
Ivermectin IP Vet
Anti-Bacterial Cefquinome Sulphate
Tylosin Phosphate CP (Vet )
Antibiotics Flumequine EP (Vet)
Cefquinome Sulphate
Ceftiofur Sodium
Ceftiofur HCL
Enrofloxacin (Vet)
Neomycin Sulphate IP Vet
Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate
Tylosin Tartrate IP (Vet)
Zinc Bacitracin EP (Vet)
Anti-Fungal Ketoconazole IP
Anti-Protozoal Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium CPV
Anti-Inflammatory Flunixin Meglumine EP (Vet)
Sulfachloropyridazine Sodium CPV
Amino Acids L-Arginine Hcl USP
L-Cysteine Hcl USP
L-Cystine USP
L-Tyrosine USP
Coccidiostat Clopidol CP (Vet)
Sulfonamide Antibiotic Sulfadiazine IP Vet
Sulfadimidine (Vet)
Sulfaguanidine EP (Vet)
Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium CP(Vet)
Sulfathiazole (Vet)
Suspension Drug Colistin Sulfate EP (Vet)
Tetracycline Antibiotic Chlortetracycline Hcl (Vet)

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